Everyday Sneakers: Your Complete Guide to Styling Men’s Go-To Footwear

Here's the thing: everyday sneakers are some of the best wardrobe pieces you’ll ever own. 

They’re our ride-or-die. Usually, they’re the pieces we keep in our closet for years and years until they’re absolutely torn to shreds. There will come a point in time when we all need to update our sneaker game by getting a solid new favorite pair (thankfully, we’ve got you covered with our huge range). But having great sneakers isn’t enough unless you know how to style these everyday kicks to get the best out of them.

Sneakers are a perfect merger of comfort, style, and sportiness most men yearn for. This is the reason why they’re so popular. Even though they’re versatile and can be worn in various ways, we believe in the power of sneakers being elevated when thoughtfully styled.

So, with this article, you’ll get our complete guide to styling these men’s go-to footwear. We’ll also share why you need to have a solid pair in your closet. We’ll also help you to choose the right sneakers for you and give our top tips for caring for them — read on for all the goodness.

Everyday Sneakers - You Have to Have Them

By 2026, the global sneakers market will reach a valuation of over $100 billion. Men of all ages and nationalities across the globe adore their everyday kicks - you likely have a few pairs as well. Here’s why they’re such a loved pair of shoes, and why we are passionate about the sneaker life.

Have All-Day Comfort

We get it, your life is busy, and you can’t compromise with comfort and style. That’s exactly what everyday sneakers aim to provide — extra comfort and great style. From crisp white to midnight black, (and tones of shades in between) you can get them in several trendy colors to match your vibe. Did we say you can wear them daily? Yes, you totally can (if you’re looking after them well).

Style Them However You Want

From beige to gold yellow, everyday sneakers come in various colors and styles, making them perfect no matter what outfit you’re wearing. Pair them with blazers, bomber jackets, overcoats, chinos, or with your favorite sweatshirts — the list goes on. Don’t want to look like everyone else? You won’t when you have your style in check. Wearing your everyday sneakers to elevate your expression is a great way to feel confident to #BeYourself

Light On Your Pocket (Affordable)

Sneakers are relatively cheaper than other luxurious and athletic shoes. But wait a second… paying less doesn’t mean you have to compromise on value. As we said earlier, sneakers check all the boxes for comfort, function, and style.

Low Maintenance (and Less Frustrations)

Leather scuffs and creases and require tedious maintenance. With canvas or mesh sneakers, you simply toss them on and go about your day worry-free. Their easy styling frees your mind to focus on what matters most to you — moving through life with a spring in your step.

When Choosing a Sneaker, Know This… 

Now you get why sneakers should be an essential part of your daily footwear, it’s time to tackle another BIG question. What are the factors you need to consider before you buy a sneaker for yourself? Take a look:

Let Your Lifestyle Choose

Start assessing your daily habits - it’ll for sure point you in a good direction when it comes to the type of sneaker that’ll work best for you. Do you need a comfortable, supportive sneaker to wear while chasing kids around? Or is something professional and stylish for workplace environments more fitting? Just make sure your sneaker choice checks the boxes for all-day use cases. 

If your lifestyle has some sports in it, take athletic needs into account, too. Additionally if you want shoes to transition smoothly from gym to grab-and-go errands, look for performance features like breathability or stability frames. 

At Apollo Moda, we have premium vegan leather sneakers for your every type of need.

Compare Your Choices With Your Wardrobe

Canvas slip-ons? Leather low tops? Knit high tops? There are a plethora of choices when it comes to everyday sneakers. Tip: consider what pairs best with your current wardrobe.

To get a streamlined look that elongates your frame, go for low-profile sneakers to keep things clean and minimalistic. Or maybe bold, attention-grabbing sneakers make the perfect statement piece to elevate basic outfits. You getting the picture, right?

Find The Perfect Fit

A proper fit ensures your sneakers check the style and comfort boxes. Sneakers that are too big may slide uncomfortably while you walk. If it is too small, they’ll pinch and restrict blood flow - no thanks.

When trying on multiple size options, model your usual athletic socks and orthotics if you wear them. The right fit molds flawlessly to your foot’s distinct shape. They should honestly feel like a breath of fresh air to walk in - like shoes you’re excited to put on.

Vivid Colors Are Your Friends!

Your sneaker color has a huge impact on your style statement. For instance, neutrals like white, black, or gray pair effortlessly with anything in your closet. On the other hand, vibrant neon pops announce your arrival confidently and loudly. So ask yourself - how do I want to be seen? What vibe do I want to put forward? 

Here’s a fashion tip: keep in mind the outfits in your wardrobe to make easy selections of colors.

5 Smart Ways to Style Your Everyday Sneakers

To amp your sneaker style and create harmony with your outfits, you need some clever tricks. Here are some outfit combo ideas to inspire your new go-to look:

1. Mix With Tailored Pieces for Smart Casual Appeal  

Pair your clean sneaker silhouettes against sharp chinos or patterned sport coats for your modern, smart, casual uniform. The visual interplay between refined and relaxed creates vibrant looks. Also, incorporate neutral earth tones across your tops and bottoms and tie your full look together.

2. Streamline in Monochrome for Maximum Minimalism

If you’re looking for something cohesive and harmonious, you can wear multiple shades or tones of sneakers. For instance, you can wear black sneakers with your gray joggers or beige sneakers with your brown chinos. The muted hues of this combination let your sneaker stand out and provide you with a understated look. 

3. Use Bold Sneaker Colors to Grab Attention

Select eye-catching bright or neon accent colors to make your sneakers a sight to adore. Vibrant footwear steals the spotlight if you plan a day out against casual pieces like hoodies and relaxed denim. Clubs, parties, and other informal occasions — now you can spark conversations with confidence wherever you go.

4. Try Checks and Stripes for Pattern Mixing   

Beyond colors, patterns represent another variable for your mixing and matching sneakers. Crisp checks and multicolored stripes on shirts, jackets, and accessories contrast perfectly against neutral white or black kicks. The interplay between busy prints and simple canvas creates visual depth.

5. Wear Baggy, Loose Fits on Top

If you wear tight and fit clothes on your upper body, it’s time to try something baggy or loose. Pair up your sneaker with these loose outfits, such as oversized tees and hoodies, to create an urban look. This is your laid-back appeal and poses you as a friendly person in public.

How to Make Your Sneakers Last Longer

Clean As Per The Material Type

The right cleaning approach will depend upon your sneaker material. For instance, we recommend using mild soap and water for canvas styles. For gentle and soft material, you might have to use special fabric to remove resting dirt particles or buy a shoe cleaner. You can also look for the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your sneakers. At Apollo Moda, we use premium vegan leather, which is versatile and durable, but of course, still needs to be cared for.

Use Protectant Sprays to Guard Against Stains

Another prevention methodology is weatherproofing. It creates an invisible barrier against rain, mud, and other outdoor elements that usually leave stains. A good analogy to understand this technology is to think of it as skin protection from damaging UV rays. 

Air Dry If Damp

Your sneaker contains trapped moisture if it is wet or damp. We recommend air drying for at least 8-12 hours so that no odor remains. Also, don’t air dry your sneaker in direct sunlight, but put them in a ventilated area away from it. You can also consider stuffing a tower or newspaper in your shoes to absorb extra wetness.

Stuff Before You Store  

Foam, gel, or crumpled paper filling helps your everyday sneakers maintain structure in storage. The interior supports counteract flattening from stacks of shoeboxes – extending the life of your sneakers. So, stuff your shoes properly before storing them to retain their shape. 

Styling Everyday Sneakers: FAQs

What are the most versatile sneaker colors for everyday wear?

Sticking to versatile neutrals like white, black, or gray allows everyday sneakers to pair seamlessly with most casual outfits in your wardrobe. They act as a blank canvas you can dress up or down. 

What sneaker style works best for wide feet? 

You can consider lace-up sneakers with knit fabric uppers rather than canvas. The stretchy knit construction accommodates wide feet better, while laces allow you to loosen tight spots. Additionally, the midsole cushioning adds extra comfort for your feet.

Should I wear sneaker socks or dress socks with my daily sneakers?

You should wear sneaker socks. It has extra cushioning and wicking fabric to combat friction that can lead to blisters. Their suitable height keeps your ankle comfortable under slim jeans, too.

Here’s The Deal

This was our official guide to unlocking the full potential of sneakers. When you style and care for them properly, they deliver on all fronts: comfortable, functional, and fashion-forward.

You can pair up your sneakers with baggy hoodies and sweatshirts to create an urban look. Look bold with bold colored-sneakers. Or minimalistic with neutral colors like black, gray, white or navy blue. Every style speaks a different story of yourself — go and tell the world.

With these insights now in your arsenal, you’re ready to explore Apollo Moda’s everyday sneakers to find YOUR just-right pair. Our exclusive selections allow you to hone in on the perfect fit and reflect your personal flair.
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