Elevate Your Style: How Height-Increasing Shoes Work

Let’s cut to the chase. Many of us want to look taller, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not like we aren’t confident already, we just know that a little extra boost in our height can also boost our confidence - and a little extra spring in our step is enough to make an average day so much better.

This is why height increasing shoes are so popular. You gain an extra couple of inches discretely and comfortably with the right pair of elevator shoes. The discreetly hidden heels and the inclined insole raise you up without looking like you’re getting any added help. This shoe design really shines in social, professional, and romantic settings.

So, want some of the action yourself? Curious about how these shoes can benefit you? We’ll explore how height increasing shoes work, where to get them, and share some style tips. Read on to learn if some subtle sole-lifting might be just what your stature and confidence need.

Height Increasing Shoes Are Popular - Here’s Why

Across the globe, being tall is generally seen as a desired feature. Society has created a perception that tall equals better. But, thankfully, this perception is changing. Being yourself is what matters the most (and that’s what we believe at Apollo Moda). It’s how your God and DNA made you to be. 

When you feel confident in yourself, you really let who you are shine. This is what we mean by giving you a confidence boost with these shoes - it’s not about being “better” it’s about feeling great.

Naturally, height-increasing elevator shoes are popular with men and boys - similar to how many women love the look they get with heels. With this advanced shoe technology, you no longer have to resign yourself to feeling held back by your height — it never mattered, and it never will.

The specialized heels, inserts, and sole lifts of elevator shoes can add inches to your stature. For example, our sneakers add an extra 1.5 inches to your height. These extra inches can mean the difference between being a little less confident, and letting your unique personality shine. It’s not about hiding who you are but elevating all that makes you amazing.

The best elevator shoes seamlessly blend with your professional and casual looks. At Apollo Moda, we use premium vegan leather and suedes over sturdy yet lightweight sole units. This allows the shoes to elevate and properly support your posture and gait - no style should ever compromise comfort. We believe in giving you both.

What Kinds of Height Increasing Shoes Are There?

Elevator shoes, also known as height increasing shoes, have existed since the late 19th century. But beyond just the shoes, being taller has seemed to always be a desirable trait; for literally centuries, men have sourced a sense of power from being bigger in stature.

The technology behind elevator shoes has evolved over the decades, with shoemakers developing innovative techniques to boost your height by inches. What started as just bigger heels and platforms has now become more sophisticated and discrete - like Apollo Moda’s premium vegan leather sneakers, which seamlessly add an extra 1.5 inches.

Today’s height increasing shoes for men feature functional lifts built right into the sole. These lifts are undetectable and evenly distribute your weight and center of gravity to make walking natural.

Here are the types of shoe styles that can effectively hide the height boost:

  • Lace-up dress shoes: The eyelet tabs and long laces help disguise thicker soles. Oxfords and derby shoes work well.
  • Chelsea boots: The stretchy side panels conceal the lifted sole and stacked heel.
  • Monk strap shoes: The buckled strap draws attention away from the sole to hide extra height.
  • Loafers: Slip-on styles with a heel strap can integrate lifts without notice.
  • Chukka boots: The ankle-height design hides height gains more subtly.
  • Sneakers: Elevator inserts work well in high-top or mid-top athletic shoes where the lifted sole blends in.
  • Cowboy boots: The pronounced heel and layered shafts disguise small lifts.
  • Lace-up casual shoes: Styles like wingtips, brogues, and cap toes integrate lifts seamlessly.

At Apollo Modo, we have several styles of premium vegan leather height increasing casual shoes, bold statement street shoes, and dress shoes for both men and women. We’re committed to continuously innovating with new elevator shoe models so you can keep up with fashion trends, while finding something that feels like the most authentic expression of your style.

Benefits Of Wearing Height Increasing Shoes

Despite the obvious (increasing height), these shoes have many more benefits. Here are some advantages you’ll get when you put a pair on:

Boost in Self-Confidence and Assurance 

A few inches can make you stand a little taller, lift your chin slightly, widen your shoulders, and project more confidence simply from feeling better about your appearance. Confidence is crucial for success in dating, social engagements, the workplace, and beyond. Knowing you look your best with those extra subtle inches can make a difference in your day - there’s no doubt about that.

Get More Respect and Authority 

Scientific studies prove people subconsciously associate height with leadership capabilities and power. Though not always true, don’t let incorrect assumptions of your society stop you from presenting your most authoritative self. Use subtle sole lifts in your favor to convey more strength and gain more respect.

Expand Your Dating Pool Prospects 

While it’s not a hard rule, it is true that many women prefer taller male prospects. You can open yourself to more opportunities for romantic connections by narrowing this height “issue.” Prove your winning personality, then height becomes irrelevant in building meaningful relationships. Nonetheless, we’d like to remind you if you’re a man, height doesn’t guarantee you a good woman. Straight up - be a good person.

Improve Your Body’s Proportions

The right elevator shoes won't simply make you taller but can actually create the illusion of longer legs and a leaner physique. You can call it a bonus fashion effect. Apollo Moda’s carefully designed lifts can reshape your whole look.

Guide For Buying Your First Pair of Height Increasing Shoes

Alright, now here’s the fun part: your expert guide for selecting your first pair of height increasing elevator shoes. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision:

Buy From a Trustworthy Brand

You should always buy your first elevator shoe from a reliable brand. A good brand will offer you hassle-free returns, free refunds and replacements, and will be quick in getting back to you when you need it. You can also check the reviews of previous buyers from the company to ensure a trustworthy brand.

Since this will be your first time buying such kinds of shows, size or comfort issues can arise. But with a brand that puts their all in making quality shoes, the chances would be slim. 

Check out our full range of shoes at Apollo Moda. We’re experts in creating elevator shoes that are lightweight, comfortable, mindfully designed, and give that feeling of walking on clouds when you wear them.

Choose the Lift Height Increase That Suits Your Needs

If you're new to elevator shoes, start with a 1-inch lift for an easy, sneaky transition. For a subtle yet noticeable boost, try 2 inches. Only attempt the 3-inch maximum lift if you can adjust to balance and gait changes.

Once you find the ideal lift by trying shoes on, you can experiment more. Start slowly on flat surfaces when walking in your new elevator shoes to get used to the new adjusted height.

Double Check for Ideal Fit and Continuous Wearing Comfort

Test the shoes by walking, standing, and sitting when trying them on once they arrive. Ensure there's no pinching, cramping, or rubbing on your heels or toes, which can be a sign of improper fit. A good fit makes the lift less noticeable. Don't wear your new elevator shoes for extended periods to prevent blisters (this is true for any enclosed shoe - give your feet some breathing room!)

Care and Maintenance Are Key

Respect the quality craftsmanship by caring for your elevator shoes properly. Store them correctly and add protective taps if worn daily. Waterproof spray leather or suede versions and let breathable fabrics dry out between wears.

With proper care, your shoes will enhance your look for years. You can further preserve your shoes by using cedar shoe trees to maintain their shape when not being worn.

Set a Budget That Makes Sense for You

Height increasing shoes come at a wide range of prices, but expect to pay more than you would for basic sneakers. Savvy shoppers can find quality height-increasing styles ranging from $100 to $250. Designer and custom pairs typically cost over $500.

Set realistic expectations for your budget as you get into elevator shoes. The investment can be worth it for years of comfortable lifts and added confidence. When first exploring different brands and styles, consider purchasing just one versatile, well-made pair to wear in various outfits.

Wrapping Up: These Shoes Are Worth It

You now know how height increasing shoes work. Improve your confidence, style game, and first impressions with sneaky lifts by browsing Apollo Moda’s elevating sneakers.

For ethical shoppers, these shoes are made from premium vegan leather uppers and supportive rubber soles that give lifts up to 1.5 inches, enhanced comfort, and a confident look. For quality kicks made to boost more than just your height, go ahead and stand tall with confidence in Apollo Moda.

Remember, it can take some time for you to adjust to the extra height. You can take proper measurements beforehand and avoid any hassles later on.

Go and give your best self a little boost and walk with new confidence and height!

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